About us

GB chew Ltd was set up by Lucy Ponsonby when trained as a chef at Leiths School of Food and Wine. Lucy enjoys a wine gum or two but became aware of how much refined sugar and processed food was in our everyday diet, which caused headaches, fogginess and guilt.

From 2014 she experimented with unique recipes from the kitchen table and sold from a Green Bean vintage van to west Londoners. Her GB van quest was to resolve the unsatisfactory trade-off in the sweet snack category for conscious consumers, who were willing to pay for REAL food, good food with a cuppa or wanting convenience on the go for them or their kids. They would fret over the choice between refined sugar-fused confectionery and bakery products or bland and small health bars which all, in different ways, fall short of what they desired. Lucy’s customers in the van started asking her to make sweet tasting food that happened to be healthy, they didn’t want simple snacks with only 3-5 ingredients, so this started GB chews mission.

Above all once you chew, you truly enjoy it because it tastes better than the bad stuff. That’s why we call it a Stealthily Healthy Slice.