About Lucy Ponsonby

When my lovely Green Bean van customers started telling me they should cut out certain types of foodstuffs for health reasons, I thought about our shared love for richly flavoured snacks and baking but the foggy head I often had when in chef training at Leiths School of Food and Wine 

How do you remove refined ingredients but still have crave-able goodies you’ll love?

Easy, make them stealthily healthy!

Only the best quality, stacked full of prebiotic dietary fibre and exceptional nutrients, zingy tastes. 

With their help, I’ve created imaginative raw vegan snacks with the same rich flavours we love but with zero preservatives, gluten, refined sugar or ultra-processed ingredients, and, 100% organic.

Even their kids love them, more than my beloved banana loaf!

The proof is in the chew – you don’t want it to end, you make every bite last.