Daylesford Summer Festival and Kingham Plough Market
By Lucy Ponsonby 30/06/2016 16:57 Comments

Since I last spoke to you I’ve been producing our GBchews like crazy, website’s gone live and we’ve had our first orders (non family!) Last month the famous village of Kingham, foodie hot spot in the heart of the Cotswolds, was introduced to GBchew! The organic powerhouse Daylesford, as well as its sister pub The Wild Rabbit, the legendary Kingham Plough and Kings Head in Bledington are all a stone’s throw away.

Back in familiar territory – when I trained at Leith’s School of Food and Wine, a couple of the apprenticeships I did were at Daylesford Organic and The Kings Head. The most enjoyable thing I did at Daylesford was escaping from the kitchens and learning the process of organic cheese making, check out in the pictures below.

I was thrilled to launch my products to people in the local area. Both markets allowed me to explain to people about the ingredients in each recipe and how they have been specifically combined to create a satisfying snack that prioritises on taste over “grin and bear it” high performance snacks.

We definitely got the feedback we wanted and learnt what our customers were looking for. Did they want snacks that were gluten free, low in carbs or vegan? Were the GBchews the right size to satisfy? Did customers like seeing the product through the packaging? I am so used to the ingredients I use now but some people were intrigued by them; they even thought the goji berries were chilies – maybe an idea for another bar?

Our idyllic summer’s day at Daylesford turned into a deluge, but in true British fashion there was a great turn out. Ironically, the Kingham Plough Market was a scorcher, which translated into fewer visitors (probably having BBQs at home!) Never mind, I am used to all this weather-dependency from my days trading at Brook Green.

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