Dipping our feet into exporting in the Netherlands!
By Lucy Ponsonby 31/03/2017 17:35 Comments

GB chew has been up to some new adventures. We went to Food Expo in Zeeland, Netherlands. Our first international trade show. We didn’t know what to expect but we were amongst great company, especially finding some local Cotswold brands, Coppernose Jerky and the Cotswold Fudge Company. Thank you to the Department of International Trade for this opportunity for small businesses and supporting us to encourage exporting, especially now. There is nothing like food to express our Great British heritage, we want to carry on trading and sharing our culture, innovation and health.

I am pleased to say Luce from Rotterdam is to be a potential agent in the Netherlands, she thought it was an excellent product and can't wait to introduce GB chew to her local retailers.

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