Green Bean Vintage Coffee and Snack Van - June 2014- Nov 2015
By Lucy Ponsonby 08/02/2016 09:57 Comments

Time for some market research. The Friends of Brook Green, Hammersmith were looking for a mobile coffee van to test the market for a pavilion, presently being built, whilst I needed to get first hand feedback about my products and learn what it is like to run a business.

My journey began trading out of the charming Green Bean coffee van. Although running a pop up everyday mainly on your own from a 1978 vintage Citreon H Van can be quite a testing experience: from hauling all the supplies and gas cylinders in and out of the van, to negotiating Shepherd’s Bush’s busy roundabout, manoeuvring into a tight spot (three gears and no power steering!), working in a cabin for 10 hours a day and yet not having much of an idea of how much trade there will be since so much was dependent on the weather.

This is a photo after my first day trading when the van broke down on its way home…thankfully sorted by the AA so that it worked fine on day 2, although it was not to be the last time!


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