Sourcing Responsibly

How we source our ingredients

Most of the raw materials ingredients in our G B CHEW's are from developing countries; Peru, Pakistan, China, Turkey and South Africa. Turkey is where we get our unsulphured apricots from (brown coloured rather than bright orange), which are best cultivated in a Mediterranean climate. Enough cool winter weather to allow proper dormancy, but no quick frosts in spring when flowering, and a dry climate for growing.

You can grow yacon without too much difficulty in most climates, it likes plenty of water but is not bothered by the heat of continental climates. Anywhere that is frost free really, so we are experimenting at home. 

Here’s an example of what it means to our yacon farmer Lucho Alva in Peru. “ Lucho proudly owns a 1000 hectares farm, inherited from his father. In the 90´s the region was very dangerous due to terrorist groups. At that time he had to flee from his home after his father was assassinated. Years later he went back to his land, and today he can proudly show us the Yacon fields in Ambo. He’s now the largest organic yacon farmer in Peru. He employs over 100 people for his operation and provides free technical assistance to neighbour communities in organic production so they can also have a sustainable and transparent supply chain.”

Our milled brown flaxmeal is from Canada, the largest premium flax producer in the world, which have the perfect cool cultivation climate. What I really love about flax, apart from the fantastic health benefits, is the diversity of the crop. The fibres are used to make a material which we call linin; oils can be a nutritional omega-3 supplement, for cooking or wood varnishing’s/paints as well as ornamental plants in gardens!

Wherever we buy from we truly believe in buying organic and Fairtrade accredited ingredients, where there are strict standards to protect the farmers and environment, so we can be honest, transparent and fair.