Our Trusty Yacon Root Syrup
By Lucy Ponsonby 04/02/2017 09:59 Comments

We use Yacon root syrup in all of our GB chews, no other syrup, as it hasn’t got a high Glucose Index or Glycemic Load but a slower breakdown of glucose. It contains mostly water and carbohydrates, 70% of the roots dry matter consists of fructooligosaccaride (FOS), a particular sugar that has lower calorific value then other sugars (40-50% fewer calories than honey) even though it taste sweet, and has been known to promote health of the intestinal tract, due to the molecules not being broken down in the intestine before reaching the colon, so it’s suitable for diabetics and weight-watchers. FOS has a prebiotic (reconstituting intestinal microflora) that is completely fermented in the colon by probiotics, the soluble fibre helps maintain regular bowel movements, so yacon root syrup can prevent constipation. Some studies suggest that the consumption of FOS can help the body absorb calcium, folic acid, and B-complex vitamins. It has been shown that FOS can help to reduce cholesterol in the blood, reduce the risk of colon cancer to fortify the immune system.

Yacon is a member of the sunflower family although it looks like a sweet potato, originated from the Andean highland but our Yacon is from a farm in Peru. The plant produces storage roots with a pleasant, slightly sweet taste which is what we use to make into syrup, around 10 roots makes approximately 200 ml of syrup so this can explain the high price point. Yacon grows best in soils high in organic matter and with neutral to slightly acidic PH. I have recently bought some tubers to try and grow my own Yacon root plant at home, the roots have just started to sprout in their pots, once they get too big for the pots I will transfer them outside.

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